We work with local farms and collaborators, which we love, to develop our menu. The menu therefore changes every week depending on market gardener availability. 


(Variable $)
3.00 $ à 5.00 $
Classic Grilled Cheese
5.00 $
Morning Burrito
(Morning burrito, egg, rice, red and black beans, cheese curds, marinated red onion, sour cream and strong smoked Jalapeno sauce)
10.00 $
The Cubano
( Homemade milk bread, cubano, pork loin, ham, Swiss cheese, maple dijonnaise, pickle and yellow mustard)
13.00 $
Chiken Wrap
(Chicken wrap, bacon, spinach, parsley aioli and marinated red onion)
14.00 $
Banh Mi Vegan
( Ciabatta with Hoisin Tofu, Pickled Daikon, Mint, Cilantro, Ginger Vegannaise and Pittnik Hot Lube Sauce)
14.00 $
Vietnamese Salad
( “Bo Bun” chicken, bok choy, sweet potato, bean sprouts, carrot, mint, coriander and peanut, ginger, creamy peanut and hoisin sauce)
18.00 $
Salmon Poke Bowl
( “Candy” salmon, nappa cabbage, cucumber with edamame on calrose sushi rice, green onion and grilled sesame, miso and maple sauce)
18.00 $
Ice cream & Sorbet
4.00 $ à 9.75 $

Wine by the glass and beers available according to the inspiration of the day, we like to make you discover and experience new things.

We’re here to have fun after all!